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From The Miraculous

Written, Directed, and Performed By Ben Graney


An all-new, true journey about origins, and revelations of the miraculous within us all. 

The original workshop was produced by Studio Tisch 2013, a program of the NYU Grad Acting Alumni Association, and developed Summer 2014 at SPACE on Ryder Farm

The Baby Gospel

Written By Ben Graney


A new religion and religious leader is conceived, led by a human being who remains in the womb of its mother its entire life.


The Baby Gospel was a semi-finalist for the Eugene O'Neil National Playwright's Conference - 2010.

An Irish Brew

Conceived, Written, Directed, and Performed By 

Freddy Arsenault, Ben Graney, & Gretchen Hall

Inspired By Irish Fairy and Folk Tales Collected and Edited By W.B. Yeats


Three starving Dubliners looking for food during the Irish famine take refuge in their local deserted pub, and survive the night through story and song.



Screenplay By Stephanie DiMaggio & Ben Graney

Adapted from William Shakespeare's A Midusmmer Night's Dream


In this modern re-telling of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, four high school seniors get their worlds magically “pucked” when they must chase down love in the heart of Sin City. 


The Kosher Cucina

Written By Stephanie DiMaggio & Ben Graney


A newlywed couple of chefs share recipes and marital hijinks as they learn to navigate their Jewtalian life together!


Originally written as a TV Pilot, Stephanie and Ben turned it into an all-new Webseries!

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